Building URIs in .NET Core

Building URIs in .NET Core. Creating URIs with parameters in .NET Core is more complicated than I’d initially expected. As a result I ended up creating my own methods based upon this Stack Overflow answer. To begin with I needed a version to return relative paths I’ve also created a Read more…

Select List Enum Tag Helper

Select list enum tag helper. If you want to have a select list in a web page which is based on all the values in an enum then you can use the built in function “Html.GetEnumSelectList” with a tag helper. public enum PushType { Notification, Image, Action } <div class=”row”> Read more…

Enum JSON Converter

In addition to the SingleOrArrayEnumConverter mentioned previously I’ve also created a version to translate enums to/from JSON using the name of the enum rather than it’s value as is the default. This can then be used to decorate your enum class like so.

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