Redis Caching in .NET

We’ve recently implemented Redis caching in an API which took a little bit of time to figure out. Redis caching is available through the Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Distributed package and this also supports other provides such as NCache. In our case we only wanted to enable Redis caching for the stg and prd … Read more

Getting Location From IP Address

There’s a few APIs available which allow you to provide an IP address and to retrieve details back about it including it’s aproximate location. I was previously using ipstack for this but their free tier is pretty poor as it only provides 100 calls a month so I moved over … Read more

MSI with Azure Table Storage

I’ve previously posted about how to add Azure Table Storage clients via dependency injection for which I created my own extension methods using SAS tokens as MSI authentication wasn’t available. Happily MSI authentication for Azure Table Storage is now available (though pretty poorly documented) so a guide on how to … Read more