SendGrid is a pretty good ESP and has a nice API, it also has a free tier available through the Azure Portal. The C# library for it available through NuGet makes it easy to call the API but the documentation on GitHub is a bit lacking.

Below is some basic code for sending an email to a preconfigured template with placeholders.

SendGridClient sendGridClient = new SendGridClient(sendGridConfig.ApiKey);

Dictionary<string, string=""> replacements = new Dictionary<string, string="">();
replacements.Add("fileName", fileName);
replacements.Add("response", await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync());

SendGridMessage sendGridMessage = MailHelper.CreateSingleTemplateEmailToMultipleRecipients(new EmailAddress(sendGridConfig.From), sendGridConfig.To.Select(x => new EmailAddress { Email = x }).ToList(), sendGridConfig.TemplateId, replacements);
sendGridMessage.Subject = "File Transfered";
Response sendGridResponse = await sendGridClient.SendEmailAsync(sendGridMessage);

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