How to set the default application in Windows IoT on a Raspberry Pi

I’ve recently finished a project which turns my Lifx lightbulbs on and off through calls to their API from a Raspberry Pi running Windows IoT. This deployed fine to the Raspberry Pi but it proved impossible to set it as the default startup application, after setting it as the default I would reboot the Pi , the app would launch and then after about 10 seconds the default IoTCoreDefaultApp would launch and set itself back to the default.

This seems to be caused by Windows IoT thinking it is booting for the first time and disregarding previously applied settings. In order to prevent this behaviour you need to connect to the pi through PowerShell as detailed here and then update the registry with the below code so that it doesn’t think it’s booting for the first time.

reg.exe DELETE HKLM\Software\Microsoft\IoTCore /v FirstBootSetup /f

The default application can now be set using either PowerShell or the management page and the change should hopefully stick now.


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